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Pohištvo za hi fi komponente
Omarica za hi fi komponente TORINO36T

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Omarica za hi-fi komponente TORINO36T

Omarica za hi-fi komponente TORINO36T

Omarica za hi-fi komponente TORINO36T

  • Tempered glass top shelf supports up to 42” flat panels and 36.3 kg
  • Two tempered glass component shelves support up to 11.3 kg each
  • Bottom shelf supports up to 13.6 kg
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Color: High gloss black with black glass
  • Dimenzije š x v x g: 914mm x 693mm x 508mm
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Rounded edges, a taller profile, and cool, clean exterior finishes make the Torino 36T the perfect addition to any modern living room. The Torino 36T has a pedestal design and extra height that allow larger TVs to fit seamlessly with the furniture in any room. The Torino Series offers well-rounded furniture with clean exteriors, great for displaying your flat panel TV in any room.

Prednosti in značilnosti omarice za hi-fi komponente TORINO36T:

  • Pedestal design gives bigger TVs more horizontal space to fit seamlessly in the room
  • Semi-enclosed shelves accommodate and conceal multiple components
  • High-gloss powder coat finish on the sides
  • Extra 6” of height compared to Torino 36 ideal for bedroom use
  • Neatly route and organize wires through cable management along left or right inside of table
  • Adjustable feet allow for easy leveling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes complete hardware kit


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