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Stenska polica za hi-fi komponente

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Stenska polica za hi-fi MWF8

Stenska polica za hi-fi MWF8

Mere Š×V×G: 610 x 297 x 511mm
Nosilnost police: 18,1kg
wenge wood wall panel, espresso glass



Stenska polica za hi-fi MWF8
Designed as an affordable, space-saving accessory to the Moda Wall Furniture System or as a stand alone piece, the MWF8 has a stylish look on the outside and ample room to wire cables on the inside. This do-it-yourself solution allows you to neatly organize components right under your flat panel without the need to run the connections through your wall.

Prednosti in značilnosti stenske police MWF8:

  • Wenge wood wall panels
  • Ample cable management room makes it easier than ever to keep power and A/V cords separate, but concealed
  • Can be used with or without flat panel
  • Expandable with MWFS, MWF16 or stand alone
    MWFS police za hi-fi  
    MWF16 police za hi-fi komponente
  • Supports up to: 18.1 kg maximum shelf capacity
  • Shelf: 8mm tempered glass
  • Mounting: Double-stud
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